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Nov 30

Mindset Shifts For Each Stage of Your Business


Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or an early-stage entrepreneur, believe it or not, our mindset plays a huge role in the success of our businesses. If you’re looking for ways to uplevel your mindset, and in turn, uplevel your business here are 4 key stages every business owner goes through and some relevant mindset foundations that are important to set.


During this first stage, you will be heavy in the brainstorming stage of your business. You may be writing out all of your ideas on paper and looking to talk to others who are already in the industry to get an idea of how to get started. You may start to be more intentional about how your week looks, start researching potential competitors and begin the iteration of your own brand and marketing initiatives. You may start to provide your product or service to others for free to get your feet wet, receive feedback and support from those around you, and take courses on things you need to learn in order to move forward.

Possible Mindset Shifts:

  • You begin to develop confidence in yourself and your skillset.
  • You begin to step into this newfound identity with yourself.
  • You release the need for perfection and instead focus on becoming more compassionate towards yourself and your journey to learning, growing, and serving.
  • You redirect your focus to narrowing down who it is that you want to serve and who you don’t.
  • You create supportive routines and rituals that allow you to feel grounded.
  • You work to keep emotional balance as you tread on this entrepreneurial roller coaster ride.


During stage two, you are head deep in the creation phase. You are firming up your brand name, website URL, logo design, tag line, etc. You may join a mastermind group or hire a coach to support you. You go to events and spaces online and in-person where you get a chance to connect and share with people who you are and what you do. You are getting comfortable with your identity. You get clear on who your ideal clients are and decide on your messaging, even though it may continue to evolve later on. You make new friends with likeminded people and set legal foundations in place.

Possible Mindset Shifts:

  • You recognize and learn to release the negative self-talk that tries to keep you small or make you quit.
  • You create a plan to deal with others who may question or judge your business and/or your progress.
  • You overcome the fear of being visible.
  • You identify the limiting beliefs from your past that may be holding you back.
  • You learn to set boundaries and start to say “no” more often.
  • You learn to avoid overwhelm, overworking, and overcompensating by recognizing the physical signs and associated thinking patterns.
  • You become intentional about taking downtime for yourself and releasing the guilt associated with it.


During this next stage, you are focused on expanding your business’ visibility. You put in place productivity and organizational systems. You begin noticing momentum in your business. Money is starting to come in and it’s all beginning to feel a lot more “real”. You have a system in place for tracking business expenses. You decide to hire an accountant, helper, or virtual assistant. You continue to work with a coach to keep you accountable and growing. You have a mastermind group that you engage with at higher levels. You use an editorial calendar for social content. You start doing speaking, presentations, and workshops. You start to plan and build your business and marketing funnels for the months ahead.

Possible Mindset Shifts:

  • You are seeing yourself as an expert.
  • You are confident that you can make your business a sustainable one.
  • You are consistent with your business growth activities and are staying away from procrastination, distraction, and perfectionism.
  • You get strategies to deal with the overwhelm of maintaining everything you have to put into motion.
  • You learn to delegate and let go of some of the control.
  • You set higher boundaries around how your time, energy, and focus are spent.
  • You connect with time and money as a source of abundance.


During this last stage, you focus on the realization of your business’ long-term potential. This stage is ongoing – you hire a bookkeeper, build your team, you raise your prices, create new products and services, develop more complex systems and structures to run your business more efficiently, seek financial advice for long-term planning, and actively build your business funnel for years ahead.

Possible Mindset Shifts:

  • You embrace your role as a leader or authority in your space.
  • You release business and personal relationships that you have outgrown.
  • You are able to handle critics with grace and ease because of the inner confidence you have built up.
  • You allow yourself to fully enjoy and embrace your success with integrity.
  • You balance your mind, body, and spirit through rituals and routines that support your highest potential.
  • You identify areas where you want to be of service in a bigger way.
  • You allow yourself to take vacations and more extended breaks.
  • You become a confident manager of a team of people.
  • You get comfortable with managing larger sums of money.
  • You release old thought patterns that are no longer serving you.


Of course, all businesses and situations are different but there you have it – the four common stages of business building! Which phase of business are you in? Comment below!

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