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No Guarantees
By using our services, you agree that Liana Huang is not to be held liable for any decisions you make based on any of our services or guidance and any consequences, as a result, are your own. We make NO GUARANTEES about any success that you'll get from our Site or our services, programs, courses, or any of our free offers. Under no circumstances can you hold Liana Huang liable for any actions or inaction you take relating to your life or business, nor can you hold us or any of our employees liable for any loss or costs incurred by you as a result of any guidance, advice, coaching, materials or techniques used or provided by liana-huang.com. We will do everything for you to succeed, but we make no guarantees as we can only control so much about your success through our services. Even if you’ve worked with us as client before and had certain results, we make no guarantee that will happen again. 

The intention of the information we share and post on the Site is for informational and promotional purposes only. 

Responsibility For Your Own Actions
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Not Professional Advice
Anything shared on the Site and in the coaching programs come from a place of love and wanting to support you. Liana Huang does not represent or warrant to be an expert or professional with professional designations including medical, financial or legal advice. Liana Huang makes no guarantees regarding any specific success from working with her and takes no responsibility for your actions, choices or decisions. Your choice to rely on her advice, guidance, teaching or principles is your choice. You will not hold us liable in any way for any actions you take or do not take based on the information on this website. 

Not Yet A Client
By accessing and using the Site, there is no professional client relationship created between you and Liana Huang. You will only be a client once you sign a contract that we send to you officially creating a professional client relationship. We hope to work together soon, but until we sign an agreement together, you are not a client. By continuing to use the Site, you acknowledge that you are just a website visitor of the Site.

All of the content we put on the Site is intended to be as accurate as possible and to be as helpful as possible for  your life and your business. But we ask you to understand that not everything we include on the Site may be accurate. Of course, we will never intentionally mislead you, but mistakes can happen due to human error. We ask you to take the information on the Site with a grain of salt, not to rely entirely on what we share and accept that some of our content may be incorrect. If you have any issues with this, you are welcome to stop using the Site.

Online Affiliations and Earnings Disclaimer
If we have any form of relationship with a company or product where we receive a monetary benefit from, we will explicitly disclose that information for your clarity and peace of mind. Any affiliated links provided on the Site due to partnerships of businesses we are working with will be notified to you, always without any cost made to you. If you take any of our recommendations that we share on the Site, we ask you to do so mindfully and with prudence. You understand that Liana Huang is not liable for any actions you take based on the information we provide on third-party affiliations. 

We are super proud of the results we have been able to achieve for our amazing clients and have decided to highlight them on the Site. All testimonials provided on the Site are from actual clients with words, feelings, and results true to their own personal experiences. Please note, each client's results are unique to their own and are a product of each client's hard work and efforts. Their success is not a guarantee for the results you will get from working with Liana Huang. Everyone is different and everyone will have different results. We are simply sharing what results are possible through our programs and services.

We will do everything we can to help you succeed, but ultimately achieving the results you desire depend on a number of factors, and you acknowledge is solely your own responsibility. We make NO GUARANTEES related to any specific success you may or may not experience by using our services and programs. You understand that Liana Huang is not liable for any actions you take or do not take based on the information we provide or the services and products we offer. 

No Warranties
Liana Huang makes no promises that the Site or third-party programs we use to offer our services and products will always be operational. If something goes wrong, we’ll do everything we can to fix it as soon as possible. We also make no representations or warranties of any kind around any of the content we produce or share on the Site. To the maximum extent permissible by Canadian laws, Liana Huang disclaims all warranties regarding all information, products and services offered on or through the Site.

Releasing Liana Huang of Liability
Liana Huang will not be liable for any actions you do or not take based on the information on the Site and the products or services sold through the Site. Liana Huang will not be liable for any damages based on your participation of using the Site or through anything you have purchased through the Site.

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