i'm ready to kick off my dream business!

I see you. You want to create an impact. You want to live a life doing what you love. You seek a purposeful and freedom-filled life, yet you have no idea where to start.

Or, maybe you do but you're constantly overwhelmed, stressed, and paralyzed with everything there is to do with making your dream business a reality.

Whether it's starting a side hustle, transitioning from your 9-5 into your business full-time, or building up your personal brand, you know it's time to stop making excuses and start showing up for you and your business.

If you're tired of sitting on the sidelines, watching everyone else crush it while you're at home frustrated and confused, don't worry, I totally understand and have been there myself.

Building a business can be difficult and challenging, but you don't have to do it alone. In fact, I highly suggest against this. No one has ever created a business by themselves. You need supporters, mentors, team members, and ambassadors for your business to flourish and grow.

Ditch the overwhelm of starting and building an online business and have a clear action plan to focus on. Gain the clarity and confidence you need to move your business forward, beyond just a hobby or an idea.

I've designed Kick Off My Dream Business Coaching Program specifically for go-getters, like you, who seek to create positive change in the world using their gifts and talents, who have decided to turn their business ideas into a reality and are ready to take big steps in launching and growing their business, yet are struggling to get started.

Kick Off My Dream Business Coaching Program Is Right For You If...

You know you are meant for more, have a bigger purpose to serve and are ready to take charge and build something that will make a difference. You're ready to create an impact, and leave your mark in the world. 

You're a new or aspiring online entrepreneur ready to turn your passions and hobbies into a wildly successful online business. You value a freedom-filled life earning money doing what you love. Whether that's working when and where you want or creating a life on your own terms. You know you're capable of creating a life you're in charge of. 

You feel lost and confused on how to launch or grow your online business or side hustle. You're wondering, "How do I actually start my business? What business model is right for me? How do I create and launch my brand and website? What is my offer? Who are my ideal clients? How do I attract my ideal clients and get paid?

You have a million and one ideas on what you "should" be doing in your business that you end up doing nothing at all. No more feeling overwhelmed, stressed, paralyzed, distracted, and defeated. Let's help you get clear on your visions and goals, remove the clutter, and get laser-focused on the specific strategies that will move the needle in your business. 

You're ready to get out of your own head, stop doubting yourself as an entrepreneur and start showing up as the CEO of your business. You want to develop a stronger mindset, break through your constant fears and limiting beliefs, and show up confidently for your business and brand. 

You're ready to take your business seriously without sacrificing your sanity and self-care. I firmly believe in taking care of yourself first so you can fully take care of your business. Let's create a supportive actionable plan to help you stay organized so you know where to focus your time and energy without burning out. 

You're looking for a business bestie to lovingly support you on your entrepreneurial journey with the perfect blend of mindset and strategy. 

You're ready to step outside of your comfort zone, invest big in yourself and your business, and finally take action to get your business off the ground!

Here's what we'll focus on:

Clarity on your business idea, business model, visions and goals to allow you to build a sustainable and thriving business.

Defining your niche and knowing who you serve.

Designing and getting clear on your offer.

Developing a personal brand that represents who you are and one that others will fall in love with.

Building and launching your website.

Social media strategy and attracting your aligned audience.

Planning out your content calendar.

Creating an opt-in.

Embracing self-promotion and selling authentically.

Pricing, finances and meeting sales goals.

Business systems and workflows, technology, and administration.

Biz Topics:

Mindset + Life Topics:

Finding alignment and purpose.

Quieting the inner mean girl, negative self-talk, and overthinking.

Overcoming fears of judgment, expectations and perfectionism.

Releasing feelings of overwhelm, guilt, shame, people-pleasing, imposter and comparison syndrome.

Finding and owning your self-worth.

Developing unstoppable self-confidence to step up and show up.

Setting healthy boundaries and expectations.

Prioritizing self-care, calming stress and anxiety.

Breaking through resistance, self-sabotage and taking action.
Time management and productivity.

Manifesting positive and nourishing relationships.

Re-programming old habits and developing a mindset for wealth, abundance, and success.

what does the coaching program include?

6-month BIZ + LIFE coaching program investment

6 Months of Strategic, Transformative Coaching to help you up-level your mindset and bring your wildest business dreams to life.

A Personalized and Aligned Action Plan and Road Map tailored to support you and your growing business. 

Pre-Coaching Questionnaire with powerful questions designed to help you get clear on what you most want to get out of coaching.

Complimentary 30-minute Clarity Call to explore the possibilities of our partnership together.

12 x 60-minute Bi-weekly Private Coaching Sessions over the course of 6 months (via. Zoom video Conferencing). 

Unlimited Email and Facebook Messaging Support to provide support, feedback, and resources to keep you moving in-between sessions. I'm just a voice message away to helping you solve the dilemmas and challenges you may face in our exciting 6 months together!

Personalized attention and accountability with me as your business bestie and cheerleader. 

Beautiful guides and worksheet exercises to support your individual progress and needs.


let's do this!

(Or, 6 monthly payments of $315 USD)

Spots are limited!


imagine finally being able to:

Channel your talents, interests, and expertise into a service people need and want.

Bring your unique ideas to life and launch your personal brand and business to the world. You're open for business baby!

Book your first few paying clients and multiple clients after that!

Move past your constant fears and into taking inspired action everyday in your business.

Experience a new sense of direction and purpose, greater self confidence, motivation and inspiration and tools to help you overcome any challenges and roadblocks along the way.

Have full confidence in your business idea, vision, strategy and offer.

Have a clear idea of who your aligned clients are and how to attract them.

Have a solid foundation and plan to follow to launch and grow your business for the coming months and years with ease.

Show up consistently and confidently for your business while fully embracing
self-promotion in-person and online.

Do the work you love, and discover a greater sense of freedom and fulfillment from a location-independent business.


I know how overwhelming, daunting and unknown the whole concept of building your own business can be, especially if you don’t have a marketing or business background.

Where do I start? What strategies should I be focusing on? How can I stop letting my fears and self-doubt hold me myself back from making progress and achieving success in my business?

No matter if you have one business idea floating around in your head (or maybe a few), possibly started getting your idea off the ground then it somehow ended up on the back burner, or are steadily working through the steps of building your new business but are constantly overwhelmed, frustrated, and second guessing yourself, know that there is a reason why you landed on this page.

Not long ago, I was in your exact same shoes, sitting there lacking confidence in myself, was filled with self doubt, and was continuously second guessing myself all the while completely determined, capable and ready to after my business goals.

It is only when we continuously push ourselves out of our comfort zones, get rid of our mindset blocks and limiting beliefs that will allow us to achieve the success we so deeply desire in our businesses. 


Your Mindset Coach & Business Strategist

If you’re tired of flying solo, ready to get out of your own way, and fast-track your success as a new online business owner, I’m here to support you with the solutions, strategies, and soulful guidance you’ve been looking for. 

My Kick Off My Dream Business Coaching program is custom-tailored to support you and the needs of your new online business. Building a powerful brand and impactful business isn't easy. If it were, everyone would be doing it. It takes a special kind of person—a purpose-filled go-getter—to walk this path. 

Together, we'll work on removing the limiting beliefs that are currently stopping you from achieving your highest potential so you can start focusing on the right strategies for launching and growing your business.

I'm all about focusing and pairing together both the strategy and the soul in helping you create a business and life you love from the inside out. 

Through our 1:1 bi-weekly coaching sessions, I’ll guide and work with you on the specific challenges you feel you’re currently stuck with in regards to launching or growing your new business or side hustle. I will help you get clear on your business goals and visions and together, we'll create a strategic action plan to get you making progress in your business. I will help you discover your unique passions, strengths, and abilities to utilize in your business and I will share with you everything I’ve learned since starting my own business. All the strategies, tools and resources that helped get my business going and off the ground. 

As someone who's gone through the struggles of finding what I really wanted to do with my life, going through with building my business from scratch, and showing up for myself and my business, I will be the first to admit, I couldn't have done this alone. It was thanks to my countless coaches, mentors, books, courses, and programs that I've invested in the last number of years that have allowed me to be where I am at today, working with clients like you one-on-one, supporting them in their personal and professional pursuits and transformations.

You and I both know you are creative, resourceful, determined and smart. With a little extra support, I know you can get there. If I can do it, so can you.

If you’re ready to step outside your comfort zone and kick off your dream business, I'm here to help you do just that.

"She helped me refine my business goals and jump-start the passion and spark needed to grow my business in a realistic manner."

"Liana has been an invaluable guide. She helped me to put my best foot forward with a clear and organized mind. I came to her when my mental and business outlook felt as though it was in a disarray.

She has a way of bringing together the flurry of thoughts and worries in your mind and provide structure, while putting to rest the unnecessary negative jumble that can sometimes take over and lead you off course. If you are looking for someone who clearly understands the importance of mental, physical, and spiritual health when it comes to building your business, and establishing short and long term goals I would highly recommend Liana!"

- Meghan

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