"Before working with Liana I was constantly struggling with a lack of direction in my business. I was overwhelmed with imposter syndrome and trying to be a perfectionist all the time was tiring. Liana helped me release limiting beliefs around having to always be perfect and I found the clarity I was looking for. I'm now moving forward in my business - even when things aren't perfect. Liana is such a pleasure to work with and does an exceptional job at helping her clients have breakthroughs!"

"Before I started working with Liana, I was unclear about what direction to take my business and what the next steps were. After our session I was able to get clarity on what I truly wanted and we developed a solid action plan on how to proceed. The biggest shift/change that I experienced was being able to reframe some thoughts and let go of some limiting beliefs that were in my way. It was a great experience and I highly recommend getting a session done with Liana if you have any limiting beliefs that you want addressed or if you want to gain clarity."

"Liana has been an invaluable guide. Helping me to put my best foot forward with a clear and organized mind. I came to her when my mental and business outlook felt as though it was in a disarray. She helped me refine my business goals and jump-start the passion and spark needed to grow my business in a realistic manner.

She has a way of bringing together the flurry of thoughts and worries in your mind and provide structure. She helps put to rest the unnecessary negative jumble that can sometimes take over and lead you off course. If you are looking for someone who clearly understands the importance of mental, physical, and spiritual health when it comes to building your business and establishing short and long term goals I would highly recommend Liana!" 

"Liana's Coaching for me has been one word - transformative.

Growing up as a middle child, I was an extrovert and felt that I needed to be the loudest in the room to get acknowledgement. Slowly over time, I noticed my self confidence disappear and need to receive validation from others increase. I wasn't taking care of myself and felt no need to have alone time -ever. I wasn't happy with myself and felt that the same scenarios keept repeating themselves over and over again. I felt drained and knew I needed a change and to take the first step (any step really) if I wanted to change my life. I came across Liana's website and it really resonated with me. Her own personal story, her desire to help others in additional to her professional and educational experience.

The past few months have been life changing. Liana made sure from our very first meeting that I was heard, supported and saw my potential even before I did. My three goals were goals that made me dig deep and question why those goals were so important to me. Over the months, Liana made sure my action items were those that I felt comfortable with and that could provide value to me. She checked in weekly to make sure I was on track and offered guidance and support whenever she could. We started and ended each session by honour ourselves, our time and celebrating my successes. I have never felt so empowered and full of potential like I did during our coaching sessions.

I can truly say that after Liana's Coaching sessions, my confidence has risen. I am acknowledging thoughts and stories that are untrue, I find myself wanting alone time to re-charge and take care of myself to better show up for others. I am more intentional with what I say, who I see and what tasks I take at work. I never thought I could transform so quickly over the past few months but I have to owe it to Liana's coaching style that created an environment that helped me thrive. She has really changed my life and I can't recommend her enough. Thank you Liana!!"

"Working with Liana was awesome. I came to the call with the limiting belief that I couldn't get everything done I needed in order to be as successful as I want to be. Since working with Liana, I have been able to push through what was holding me back and get things done. I would recommend Liana to anyone who is struggling with limiting beliefs! She really gets you to dig deep!"

"Hi there! My name is Selina Dawn and I'm a transformation coach and speaker.
I had entered my Breakthrough Call with Liana at a very low vibration because of some personal matters right before our meeting, but I ended the call feeling extremely motivated and calm about the goals we had set.

I truly had such a wonderful and insightful experience with Liana. During our call, we worked through a few of my current roadblocks around a new coaching program - I was having a difficult time creating and posting content that would attract my ideal client. So, we broke down the phases of my program and talked through some limiting beliefs that were preventing me from actually posting the content. This process helped me gain confidence and remind me about why I was doing this in the first place. I was so overwhelmed and wrapped up in finishing my program, that I was forgetting to embrace the process!

After our brainstorming session, she did a visualization exercise with me that really solidified the tangible goals that I had set during our call.

I’m extremely grateful for Liana and would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a little clarity and realignment!

Thanks, Liana!"