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Step into your life purpose and earn a living doing what you love
Create a wholesome lifestyle by design that lights you up instead of dragging you down
Become your most confident, aligned, and vibrant self ever!

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Designed to help you:

Five years ago, back in 2015, I thought I knew and had what I wanted in my life. All my life I’ve worked hard in school. I listened to my parents., went to university like I was told, and obtained my Bachelor’s in Psychology. I did another program in Digital Marketing and started climbing the corporate ladder. It all seemed great. I was getting paid. I was going out with friends and I thought I knew what I wanted for myself.

BUT I WAS MISERABLE. Every day, I was living my life on auto-pilot. Just going through the motions. On repeat.

I disliked the job I had. I was living my life pleasing others. Everywhere I went, I felt like I was wearing a mask, putting up a front that I was okay when inside I was totally lost and confused as to where my life was headed. I was working so hard every day to be the best that I can but felt so unsatisfied. I eventually became so uninspired, so unmotivated, and empty. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. I couldn’t figure out what was missing.

It was only after I began looking deeper, beyond the surface did I figure it out:

I was feeling this way because → I wasn't living a life that was aligned with who I was and where I wanted to go.

I realized everything that I had been living and chasing for, for so long, wasn’t actually what I needed. It wasn't what I was looking for.

What I was really looking for and craving was:

- The ability to go after my dreams and live up to my fullest potential. 

- To have a career that allowed me to do inspiring and meaningful work everyday. 

- To have the space and time to express myself creatively and without limits.

- To have a life filled with the freedom and flexibility to allow me to work when, where, and with who I wanted. A life on my own terms.

- To develop deep and meaningful relationships with those close to me. 

- To live a happy, wholesome, and intentional life. One true to who I am.

And if there’s ONE THING I know about you, it’s this.

You’re also a dreamer and you want to achieve big things for yourself.

You want to wake up feeling excited about your life again.

You want to own who you are and live courageously.

You don’t just want to survive. YOU WANT TO THRIVE. You want to find meaning and value in the work you do.


Life's too short to just go through the motions.

You are SO worthy, capable, and deserving of the life you most want to live.

I've made it my mission to be here to support people like you all the way through in becoming the person you were always meant to be.

I believe in you.

It is my goal to help you dig deep and get crystal clear on the life you most want to live. Remove the limiting beliefs, feelings of fear and self-doubt that have been holding you back, so that you can take action and pursue the life that is calling you.

If you find yourself constantly comparing yourself to others, are afraid you aren’t good enough, or don’t have what it takes to make your biggest goals a reality...

I am here to tell you everything that you desire is possible for you. If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. The best part?

You already have all the answers you need inside of you. I am here to just help you uncover it all.

Have you been feeling uninspired, empty, and like you’re living your life on auto-pilot?

Do you find yourself wishing for more fulfillment, abundance, peace, and happiness in your life?

Do you have a little voice in the back of your head asking you questions like..."Is this it? Is this how my life is going to be? Is this what I really want?"

Do you feel stuck? Like you're not living up to your fullest potential?

I GET IT. Our ideal life can sometimes seem and feel out of reach. Our life situations can sometimes cloud our purpose, our beliefs, and our desires for ourselves.

Hello, lovely.

What Does the Coaching Program Include?

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or, 3 Monthly Payments of $550 USD
or, 6 Monthly Payments of $285 USD

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3 Months of Powerful, Transformative Coaching to get clear on the life you most want to live and how to start finally showing up for yourself.

1 x Pre-Coaching Questionnaire with powerful questions designed to help you get clear on what you most want to get out of coaching.

1 x Complimentary 30-minute Clarity Call to explore the possibilities of our partnership together.

6 x 60-minute Bi-weekly Private Coaching Sessions over the course of 3 months (via. Zoom video conferencing). We’ll discuss what's on your heart and mind and create aligned action plan for you!

Unlimited Email and Facebook Messaging Support to provide support, feedback, and resources to keep you moving in-between sessions. I'm just a voice message away to helping you solve the dilemmas and challenges you may face in our abundant 12 weeks together!

Personalized attention and accountability with me as your partner-in-crime!

Beautiful guides and worksheet exercises to support your individual progress and needs.

Rise Higher Coaching Program Is Right For You If...

You want to figure out your LIFE'S PURPOSE. You don't feel like you are living your life 100% aligned with who you are presently.  You yearn to live from a state of flow, alignment, and fulfillment. 

You want to find what lights you up and your passions in life.  It's time to start living the life you've always imagined you would, am I right? There is only one life to live. Want a fulfilling career/business? YES! Deep, enriching relationships? YES! Amazing health and self-love? YES! They can all be yours.

You seek and crave change in your life but have absolutely no idea on how to start or where to make it happen. You want to move from always feeling lost, stuck, and confused to taking inspired action every day. 

You want to feel ALIVE, VIBRANT, and IN CONTROL of your life again. Somehow you've lost that spark along the way. Learn how to reprogram your mind and your days so you no longer have to feel constantly stressed, burnt out, and overwhelmed. 

Deep down you know YOU ARE MEANT FOR SOMETHING MORE. Or feel like something is missing...You just know it. You have the urge to figure it out. You don't have to do it alone. Let's do this together. 

You want to boost your SELF-ESTEEM and your SELF-CONFIDENCE. You want to feel COMFORTABLE IN YOUR OWN SKIN and own your VOICE, your OPINIONS, and SHOW UP as your TRUE, AUTHENTIC SELF. It is possible. Let's help you take off that mask you have been wearing in your day-to-day life. It's tiring isn't it? I get it. I've been there.

You're ready to start showing up with intentionally in all areas of your life and no longer want your deep-seeded fears, anxiety, and self-sabotaging behavior get in the way.


Spots are limited.

$1500 USD

As someone who was once so unclear and unhappy with the life I was living, I want to let you know that you do have the power to claim back your life and turn it into something so much more. You can continue creating the same results and the same reality for yourself (the ones you don’t want) or choose to stand up for what you do believe in and go after what you do want.

Your REALITY is the result of the THOUGHTS and BELIEFS you hold. Whatever you believe, you’ll continually create over and over again.

Your thinking and beliefs of who you are, what you deserve, and what is possible are the only things holding you back from the money, health, career or relationships that you truly want. That is it.

Wake up every day feeling fully in love, inspired, and comfortable in your own skin. Fully embracing who you are and showing up authentically in all aspects of your life.

Become crystal clear on your inner strengths, passions, and purpose so you can start living a life full of inspiration, flow, and fulfillment.

Finally move past the obstacles and distractions that have been holding you back from moving forward.

Develop a more healthy and positive mindset that will support you in achieving goals related to your career, health, business, relationships or studies. 

Transform your limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, self-criticism, and feelings of fear and self-doubt into courageous action by understanding your thoughts, feelings and thought-process on a deeper level.

Learn to have your own back and n
o longer feeling guilty, ashamed, or scared to go after what you want. Settling for nothing less than 110% of what you deserve. 

Develop unstoppable confidence, self-love, self-worthiness, self-belief and self-compassion towards yourself.

Feel empowered and in control of your life with a clear action plan that will move you forward in life.

Imagine 3 months from now being able to:

Feel more alive than ever, shine radiantly from within, and create an impact using your gifts and talents to build a life you love!

My Rise Higher 1:1 private coaching program is designed to meet you exactly where you are. We will meet bi-weekly for a period of three months, where I will help you gain clarity in your goals, identify the areas in your life where you need the most attention, and determine the actions you need to take to propel you forward.  

You will have an entirely safe space to explore and uncover all the challenges, questions, roadblocks, and opportunities you are currently experiencing in your life. 

We will work through together a beautiful, empowering, and expanding process tailored specifically towards your individual goals. Our sessions will be filled with lots of personal growth, learning, collaboration, and celebration along the way.

What can you expect?

Are YOU ready to RISE HIGHER?

As a success and mindset coach, it is my passion to help you discover your unique gifts and talents, empower you to see your whole truth, and challenge you to step into your greatness.

Whatever your story is, always know that you have the freedom to always create a new story and it all begins with making a single decision.

A decision to want to grow and embrace change.

Although change can be scary, staying the same forever is even more scary.

Don't settle for mediocrity.

It's time to align your inner world to the outer results you want to create. Get out of your own way, and start living a life you LOVE.

Rise into the person you were always meant to be and shine like never before. 

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